cold or flu virusInside my head, a bug is having an otolaryngolical party. Hey, ya’ll: I didn’t volunteer to host this. I did not offer to serve herbal tea and Emergen-C around the clock. I did not offer heaps of tissue, Auburn University style, for the party animals raving in my nose.

No. I’ve been minding my own business, going about town, washing my hands frequently, noticing how many times I touch my hands to my face and trying not to do that, wishing people would not lick their fingers when they turn pages (this, in Safeway, as an officious manager type approached a checker type with some kind of paper work while I was checking out. Please don’t touch my groceries, I thought).

You know that drill. But here’s the thing: bugs get into us. They find a place to do their thing. The longer I go, the more I know it. For now, I’m nearly happy that it’s just a cold.