Thank you, EBB.

Last Saturday, riding out East End Road to a friend’s 60th birthday party, I was listening to “Mountain Stage” on KBBI. Right off, from his accent, I knew the guy talking was from my neck of the woods in southern Appalachia. When he mentioned Mt. Rogers, I pulled into the parking lot at the Gear Shed. Public radio can do that to you.

Turns out the guy doing the talking was Wayne C. Henderson, the world renowned guitarist and luthier (for the likes of Doc Watson and Eric Clapton). He used to deliver the mail to Sugar Grove Elementary School. The show was a replay of an August broadcast from the Barter Theater in Abingdon, Virginia. So close to home.

Funny thing, accents. In Homer, mine is a giveaway that I’m not like most people here. I’m a recent transplant. I’m an Appalachian hillbilly who happened to move cross-country to a bucket list tourist destination. People like me don’t usually end up in Alaska.

Tomorrow I’m going up to Anchorage to watch a replay of a live broadcast of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Hamlet. Come Friday, I’m tuning up my autoharp (thank you, RC). I know who I am. I’m kind of like a rogue pony, but I know my home is where the mountains are very old.