baby wildflowers 001I don’t pray about weather, because what I think might be good for me could spoil someone else’s plans for the day. In fact, weather is the one aspect of my life that I accept unconditionally and without trying. That’s regardless of whatever the weather is, even when whatever it is in Alaska can feel over the top for a cheechako.

I didn’t pray for rain yesterday as I turned on the new lawn sprinkler and watched droplets shaped like dollar signs soak into the dirt. Water is expensive in Homer, but it’s hard not to love Alaska’s summer sunshine, and I knew people who were counting on it yesterday. Just down the hill AC General was pouring concrete and people were setting up for an outdoor event to honor one of Homer’s patron saints of the arts.

I didn’t pray for rain, but last night when I started outside to turn on the water again and saw rain, I did say out loud, “Thank goodness.” I said that again this morning when I saw signs of infant Alaska Native Wildflowers around the edges of the lot.

Yard Abstract 1In my back yard, the effect is more Abstract Expressionism than Impressionist. I’ve got a Rothko kind of yard instead of a Monet. Instead of a field of poppies, I’ve got a gray-brown block of color striped with green. I accept this knowing that more color will creep into the composition. Something will grow there eventually, and right now anything is welcome. Even dandelions.