More sunrise Jan 25 004posteredgeGood coffee in the morning while I read the NY Times online is plenty enough to make me happy to wake up in the morning. I don’t care how cold or dark it is, but lately, I’ve been even happier when I wake up.

This is not because we’re having springtime weather in Homer. This is not about mortality, not about being glad I’m alive, because if I’m not alive, I’m dead, and I won’t know it. This is about waking from crazy, scary dreams as my half-awake self comforts my half-asleep self: “Hey, hey, hey. Take a deep breath. You’re OK. This is just a dream. You haven’t lost your cell phone or your car. Your cell phone is not being controlled by aliens. The brakes on your car work just fine. Breathe. Just breathe. Sat nam. Sat nam.”

Last night, with my boyfriend (remember, this is a dream) I was on the run from Eastern European thugs, who had a scam tree-trimming business in Gainesville, Georgia. They didn’t know jack about trees, and they did bad things to people with chain saws.

Dreamboat and I escaped from the bad guys by jumping into a sewage treatment pond, then breathing through straws as we hid. He had it all figured out. “They won’t look here,” he said. “No one in their right mind would hide here.”  I don’t know how we happened to have straws.

In my dream I thought, “Oh, yeah. I can do this. I’ve survived the claustrophobia of an MRI, so I can damn well breathe my way through this. Sat nam.” And then I woke up. What a relief.

I got up, made the bed, scooped Leo’s litter box, made my coffee, and looked out the window, so glad to be alive after the night’s ordeal. The moon was up over the big spruce trees out back, and stars twinkled over Kachemak Bay. Leo and I stood on the deck for a while (it’s warm enough for that). Then we came inside. He tucked into the in-box on my desk, and I read the “paper” online.

As I moved from the Times to e-mail, through Writer’s Almanac, and Fr. Richard Rohr’s daily meditation, the sun began to rise in the east. Here in my office, a window high on the wall frames the view.

I went out in the front yard and stood there in my pajamas. I took pictures with my iPhone, which nearly always works just fine.

Oh, yeah.  I am happy to be awake today.

More and more sunrise 002filmgrain