FishermansFriendI have it–I have one–A Cold, that is. I grabbed this bug’s baton somewhere (Saturday night Contra dance?) and by Monday evening when I was in the writers’ workshop at the college, I was lapping the track with uncontrollable, brain-rattling sneezes and a dehydrating profusion of bodily fluid from my nose and eyes. Good golly, Miss Molly!

The last time I had A Cold I was in McCarthy, AK -in the late 1990s. My older son’s namesake, a small Matt, who had just returned from a trip Outside with his parents, came back with a yucky nose. My younger son, Zach, was there too, having hauled a country ham from Virginia. We both got A Cold.

Emergen-C is my go-to remedy, then and now. I used to do salt water gargles, but this go-round I’ve dumped that for a hot brew of lemon, fresh grated ginger, cayenne pepper, and water. I’m also employing  the magic potion in Fisherman’s Friend throat lozenges. I bought a couple of tins at, I think, Save-U-More and sent one to a friend in Atlanta. I kept one for decorative purposes, just like I hung on to a tin of Bag Balm.  But yesterday,  I opened it up, desperate to calm the sneezing. And, ya’ll, I’m not kidding, it works!  Check it out at

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