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Saturday evening I had dinner down the hill and around the corner at Cafe Cups, which is arguably the best restaurant in downtown Homer. The food is edible art served generously, the people who work there act like they’re glad you came, and local seafood is always on the menu. The entire experience is as good as it gets anywhere, and it’s less than two minutes from my apartment.

Last night, weekend winding down, I dined in (as I do nearly every meal), and the special was organic microwaved popcorn delicately salted and served with a side of raw broccoli paired with a blob of low-fat blue cheese dressing. During dinner I enjoyed the pet section of Craig’s List Kenai backed by Craig’s List Anchorage playing their latest hits including Adorable Corn Snake,  Looking for Gentle Gila Monster, Hedgehog Stud Service, and Sweet 14 Year Old Pit Bull Newfie Mix Needs Love and Housebreaking.  No luck yet finding Small Well behaved Young Dog Neutered Loves People Dogs Cats Does Not Shed Does Not Require Constant Attention Rarely Barks Good Teeth Small Rehoming Fee.

Earlier in the afternoon I went down to Bishops Beach, which I now know is named for a couple who lived there in Homer’s early days. I had imagined the place name a connection to the historic landing of an Anglican church official who’d sailed in and out of days and nights to reach Homer from Bristol (England, not VA-TN).

My plan for the afternoon was to walk on the beach and take pictures. Right off I discover that the batteries are dead in the camera, but no matter: I have my geeky Blackberry. Then I see that the parking area is an ice-skating rink, and I haven’t worn cleats. I slide over to a grassy area, drink the travel mug of decaf coffee I brought along, and take some pictures . Then I toss my mug toward the car to pick it up when I make it back there. The mug skids past the car and the top pops off. On hands and knees, I crawl to the car, climb inside, and back up to retrieve the mug, but in the process, I drive over the lid.

On my way back up the hill, I spot a local gourmand sampling mountain ash berries outside Cafe Cups. She is standing on her back legs, pulling berries down, then kneeling on her front legs to eat them right off the sidewalk on a bed of gravel, sand, and slush.

Today, following up on a tip from a cheechako about to be inducted into the local ranks, I took a spin up to the big Baycrest garbage dump and recycling center to see eagles waiting for tasty meals. Apparently there’s a wait time here, because dozens were perched in tall, scraggly spruce trees.  I did see one couple who were waiting their turn at a seat in the bar.

Eagles 1

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