CheechakoArt_Prologue_Dec31_2012For the past 25 years, I have been primarily a writer and editor, a so-called communications professional, and let me just tell you I have processed, one way or another, millions and millions of words. A lot of them originated in my head, but except for occasional handwritten notes, an annual Christmas letter, and increasingly more e-mails and Facebook posts, most of my work has served the purposes of an employer or client. For sure, that kind of work allows for considerable exercise of one’s creativity, and I have been incredibly lucky to earn a living doing what I love to do. But now I have some time to write with complete lack of purpose—only because I really want to do it.

For about a year, I have used Facebook to publish my personal writing, and that social medium has suited me just fine. You need to write short, and so I did — a lot — so much that I neglected the practice of longer and more reflective writing. And I used up all the content I might have included in my 2012 Christmas letter. I had already written practically everything I might have included in that.

Because of Facebook, nearly everyone who knows me already knows that I moved to Homer, Alaska, about seven months ago. But now I’m going to write longer about how I did that and why. And so, I hereby resolve, on this first day of January in the year 2013, to swear off Facebook for a year and publish instead a blog titled The Cheechako Diaries. Here, well into the new 40′s of my life,  I will write about being a newcomer, a cheechako.

Homer, AK
January 1, 2013

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